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Cockroach Danger to your Health !!

I'm will be sharing short article of about the danger of animals on our health. On this occasion I will discuss about the animal that is considered normal in each of your home. Hmm ... Cockroaches are often found at the corner of a corner residential housing does not care about the lower class and even luxury housing.

When we observe, usually the corner of the house is part of the animal preferred by this because there are many foods that can be enjoyed both nesting place. To eradicate cockroaches, follow these articles more ↓ ☺

Different kinds of different habitats Cockroaches

Type of cockroach species are distinguished on the basis of the cockroach's body. In parts of Indonesia there are several kinds of cockroaches, but the type commonly found in the housing there are only 2 of American cockroach / American cockroach (periplaneta Americana) and the German cockroach / Germany cockroach (Blattela germanica).

Habitat This cockroach two different types, namely the American Cockroaches often are in place and the warm moist Septictank or channels such as sanitary and in general this type of cockroach happy outside the house.

While German cockroach happy to be in the house especially in the damp, dark and many foods such as kitchen, pantry, or on the ceiling of the house. In morphology, significant differences between the two types of cockroaches are there in line at the German cockroach pronothumnya which has no brown lines.

Cause of cockroaches into the house

When our house sanitation is not good then the cockroaches will be glad to go, especially if there is a way for roaches to enter into the house, and the cockroach population in excess habitat. If the population in excess native habitat, the cockroaches will come out of the nest to find food sources and the new nest.

For example, the American Cockroach, when the population grows in Septictank and reduced the available food, then they will go out of their habitat to find food and find a new nest. He will be going into the house through the sewer that is not closed properly, and of course you can imagine the consequences if these animals descend your food.

Know Where All favored cockroach.

In general, there are 3 main sources of cockroach that is preferred by the food, the scattered remnants of food and damp places.

You can easily identify whether a home has not entered into a cockroach by looking at such signs of cockroach droppings, odor, or eggs. Usually this dirt dirt left on the hidden places such as in the books are put on the shelf, the gap between the closet with a bed or wall, or also in the toilet.

If found signs of cockroach, then immediately do the handling. Ie by going directly to the place where cockroaches favor of them is the kitchen. The kitchen was the most preferred by these animals. Therefore, you should keep these foods well as storing food on the shelves or closed containers. When you are finished cooking, try not to leave leftovers on the kitchen floor or the kitchen table. Immediately clean up the scattered remnants of food because this is one of the scattered food for cockroaches.

Besides food scattered on the floor, junk food in the kitchen trash is also a favored place cockroaches, try to quickly dump it in the trash outside the home and closing the bin.

Cockroach Control Habitat.

If cockroaches are nesting in your house, then you need to find the source of its habitat. Habitat American cockroaches will usually be found in pipeline septictank.Untuk sanitation and you need pesticides to eradicate both liquid and powder.

You can eliminate habitat for cockroaches to spray the hole channel or conduit sanitation disposal. You can also use the fumigation.

But you need to remember that eradicating animal diseases known to carry the source is done by gradually, because at the time of spraying or fogging is the first animal to escape and reproduce.

Let`us fight all the cockroaches in our home starting now !!! and let us live a healthy life without interference from animals that may interfere with our health.... ♥

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