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Beware of Rabies for your Health !!

Disease Rabies or hydrophobia is a contagious disease of animals caused by viruses and can attack warm-blooded animals and humans.

In animals suffering from rabies, the virus is found in large quantities in saliva. This virus will be transmitted to other animals or to humans primarily through bite wounds. Therefore, the Carnivora (dogs, cats, wolves) is the most important animals as a propagator of rabies.

Rabies disease is a disease Zoonosa very dangerous and feared because when you attack people or animals will always end in death.

Given the dangers malignancy rabies and tranquility of the community life, the prevention and eradication of this disease need to be implemented intensively. For that the government set to rabies-free Indonesia in 2005.

Animals that are susceptible to rabies

All warm-blooded animals are susceptible to rabies. Rabies disease naturally present in the dogs, cats, bats and wild carnivores.

Incubation Period

The incubation period is the time between onset of symptoms until penggigitan disease. Rabies disease incubation period in dogs and cats less than 2 weeks (10 days-14 days). In humans at least 2-3 weeks and 1 year old.

Stages of Rabies Disease

Travel rabies disease in dogs and cats were divided into 3 phases (phase).

1. Phase Prodormal → Animals looking for a cool and aloof, but can become more aggressive and nerve, extend pupils and rigid posture (tense). This phase lasts for 1-3 days. After phase continued Prodormal Excitation or normal phase directly to phase Paralisa.

2. Phase Excitation → Animals become malignant and attack whoever is around and eat things weird. Next the eye becomes cloudy and is always open and trembling, into the next phase Paralisa.

3. Phase Paralisa → Animals paralysis in all parts of the body and ends with death.

Disease Signs Rabies In Animals And Humans

In dogs and cats, rabies disease can be divided into 2 forms, namely forms of silence (Dumb rabies) and malignant forms (Furious rabies).

The signs of rabies still form:

► There was a paralysis in all parts of the body.

► Animals can not chew and swallow food, the lower jaw can not clenched and excessive dripping saliva.

► There is no desire to attack or bite. Animals will die within a few hours.

The signs of malignant forms of rabies:

► Animals become aggressive and no longer know the owner.

► Attacking people, animals, and objects moving.

► When standing his stiff, tail between his legs folded behind her.

► The dog became more frisky and love to play, but will bite when held and will become malignant in a few hours.

Signs of Rabies in Humans:

► Fear of a very in water, and sensitive to light, air, and sound.

► Tears and saliva out excess.

►Pupils dilated eyes.

► Talk not karuan, always wanted to move and seemed in pain.

► Further marked by convulsions and paralysis and finally death.

Actions Against the Biting Animal

Dogs, cats and monkeys that bite humans or other animals should be suspected of suffering from rabies. Our attitude towards animals should be taken the following actions:

► If the animal is a pet or an owner, the animal must be captured and handed over to the local Animal Husbandry Department for observation for 14 days. If negative observations the animal's rabies should receive rabies vaccinations prior to be returned to its owner.

► If the biting animal is wild animals (no owner) then the animal was captured alive should be sought and submitted to the local Animal Husbandry Department for observation and after the period of observation over the animal may be destroyed or kept by people who wish, after previously given a rabies vaccination .

► If the animal is biting hard to catch and had to be killed, then the head of these animals must be taken and immediately transferred to the local Animal Husbandry Department for laboratory examination.

Action Against Those Who Bitten (Victim)

1. Immediately wash the bite wound with clean water and soap or detergent for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse with running water, then dry with a clean cloth or tissue paper.

2. The wound then was given a wound that is available (eg iodine) and wrapped loosely with a clean bandage.

3. Patient or the victim immediately taken to the health center or the nearest hospital for further treatment.

Action Against Dogs, cats, or monkeys Yang Maintained

1. Placing a pet in the cage a good and appropriate, and always consider the cleanliness of the cage and surroundings.

2. Keeping a pet's health by providing good food, good maintenance and carry out regular rabies vaccination every year to the Department of Animal Husbandry or Veterinary Practice.

3. Put the chain on the dog's neck when the dog is not being invited to dikandangkan or a walk.

zone4health → Short Tips For You All

Assist officers in suppressing the number of wild animals in your residence. And are alert to any animal which has characteristics of rabies.

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