Friday, August 14, 2009

Different Types of Flu

Influenza is an infectious disease that is one of the most common illnesses suffered by human beings. During the course of their lifetime, most people experience this illness in one form or another multiple times. Nowadays, many people have access to flu vaccinations which can help prevent the illness from occurring. However, understanding more about the three different types of this illness is important to knowing how it happens.

→ Flu Virus A ←
(Influenza virus A)

The type A form of influenza is the most virulent and has the most unpleasant symptoms of the three possible types. It is the most common form, and is also the form responsible for the largest outbreaks throughout history. More people die from type A flu than from any other type.

The type A influenza consists of several different subsets types. The most severe subset is known as the highly pathogenic variety; the low pathogenic type is the least severe subset of this type of flu. Just about any time you hear about major outbreaks in the news, or when a certain strain is described as being particularly devastating to humans, it is almost certainly type A. Additionally, severe strains are almost always of the highly pathogenic variety.

Type A is definitely the most concerning type of flu to contract of all 3 types. History has shown that very young children and elderly for the most susceptible when it comes to this type. However, many flu vaccinations are available to help prevent contracting this type. This is fortunate, since the risks associated with type A are the most serious.

→ Flu Virus B ←
(Influenza virus B)

The type B flu is not responsible for any type of pandemics, and is rarely mentioned in the news as highly dangerous or potentially terminal. Most people acquire some type of immunity to type B at a relatively early age. However, the pathogens behind type B also mutate frequently, so any immunity will not last forever.

The common occurrence of flu that happens during the winter months is usually of the type B variety. All of the coughing, hacking and other outward symptoms can almost always be attributed to the type B form. However, flu vaccinations do not offer an effective cure or countermeasure to this strain, and researchers continue to work to find ways to combat it.

→ Flu Virus C ←
(Influenza virus C)

The type C form of influenza is the rarest one. If someone contracts influenza, it is almost always the type A or type B variety. In the very rare instance when Type C occurs there are severe symptoms to follow. This form of the flu is also far likelier to be contracted by children than by any other segment of the population.

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