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Health tips for your eyes(best tips)

Health tips for your eyes(best tips)
All day dealing with computer screens that often cause the condition of the eye feels tired. Uncomfortable eyes, irritation, pain, drowsiness so that it looked red and watery. Vision was blurry and often see double, even an ability to see and distinguish colors to be declining. Eye fatigue symptoms are usually called Astenopia.
If allowed to sustainable, this will be followed by symptoms of headache, shoulder, back and waist, vertigo, and bloated. Health problems like this was going to interfere with work productivity. Here are tips for keeping your eye health is maintained.

Rest your eyes

Eyes off the computer monitor every 15 minutes or so to look out the window or into a corner or distant objects for about 10 minutes. If necessary, attach reminders to remind you to blink because the eye is too focused on computer monitors, tend to forget to blink. Another easy way is by closing your eyes for 20 seconds. Consider your seating position and the position of the eyes of the computer monitor.' Put your computer monitor or a lower level with your eye level. Position the monitor is lower than eye level will increase production of tears and soothe tired eyes. 

Research also shows that a low monitor position reduces muscle fatigue in the neck, increase attention span and overall give a sense of comfort for computer users. Notice the lighting in your work space Avoid working in rooms that have less than 200 lux lighting. 

Excessive lighting is also not good for the eyes. 
Light source should come from the side of the monitor with a soft light. Also reduce the brightness of your monitor level. This will make the eye feel more comfortable. Take a Break After working at the computer for 90 minutes to 120 minutes, you need to rest for 10-20 minutes.

Wake up from your chair to walk around and do a simple relaxation to relax tense muscles. Get used to your eye health checked at least once a year. Thus, vision problems will be quickly detected and can immediately take action to address them. Meet the nutritional needs of your eyes. Try to always eat foods rich in carotenoids such as carrots, yellow melons, and peaches. 

Lutein and zeaxanthin are two substances that can be found in pumpkins, green vegetables that will protect the retina from damage. Vitamin C is found in green leafy vegetables, all kinds of berries and orange, is antioxidant that can also help to protect your eyes from cataracts attacks. While Vitamin E is an antioxidant that also protects cells from free radical attack. Vitamin E can be found in whole grains, vegetable oils and green vegetables. Vitamin B is a vitamin which underpins the work of nerves, including nerves of vision. This vitamin can be found in whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit-harbor. As an alternative, you can also consume supplements containing B vitamins to suit your needs. therefore get into the habit of healthy living starts with your eye health.

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