Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle

The phrase "Health is Wealth" gets more significant with age. It`s what we preserve the most, especially after retirement. Most seniors would love to foresee a life of health, fitness and relaxation. Some active seniors would also want to travel and explore places, and realize a lifetime’s desire. A fit and healthy life is nothing but a result of a wholesome lifestyle. It stems from preventive care and making sure your body gets all it needs to remain in the pink of health. It really isn’t difficult to find important nutritional guidelines to follow. Internet for seniors is a readymade ocean of information. That’s where you go when you need reliable information or health tips.

The importance of good nutrition is the first thing that your doctor would have spoken to you about. Most diseases are a result of a person’s life pattern over the years that add to genetic factors.

Seniors should strive to educate themselves about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Kids should think of computer for seniors as a gift idea, so they can keep themselves abreast about the latest health and nutrition tips.

Important foods for health:

Leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, oranges and apricots for Vitamin A and beta-carotene.
Milk and other dairy products for calcium.
Nuts, egg, lean meat, tofu and other soy products for protein.
Whole grains for complex carbohydrates.
Fresh fruits for various kinds of Vitamins, fiber, and a minimum amount of sugar (check with your doctor if you’re a diabetic).

Keep Away From:

Sugar filled foods like ice creams, candies, sodas, etc (sugar cravings are strong with some seniors).
Hot dogs, bacons, deep fried foods, fat filled chicken wings are laden with bad cholesterol.
White breads, pastas, pizzas, have been wiped off nutrition during the polishing process.

Needless to say, smoking and excess consumption of alcohol will do your lungs and liver no good. They also serve as catalysts to cancerous cells. Seniors are also better off sticking to vegetarian foods as often as they can, since age slows down the digestive system as well. Apart from following these tips, put in a good bit of exercise and take your nutrition supplements according to prescription and you’ll be raring to go.

Note: Each person’s nutritional requirements differ. Please consult your physician before you start any kind of diet.

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